Every day we share things with our friends and family on social media: what we are up to; what's happening around us; what made us laugh.


Occasionally, we will come across a person or a group that is doing something really impactful and innovative and we'll share that too. Doing so helps them tremendously because it brings much needed attention to their work. That's great! Well at shareitcamp we want to make this as common and easy as sharing a top 10 list.



To do this we have developed this platform where the producers of these efforts can present what they are working on and you can help them get exposure by simply sharing this with your friends and family. These efforts range from large undertakings (e.g. a non-profit helping to build schools across Jamaica) to the small (e.g. local entrepreneurs creating a breakthrough app). Regardless of the size, what we are asking you to do remains the same: share it with your network.



We think that this act of helping to raise awareness of work that is valuable is a special act. You are not only helping by directing attention their way but ultimately you are helping them in their mission of making a positive impact.


While the feeling you get is rewarding in itself we want to go a step further and personally (can we say personally as a company?) reward you. That is why for every 'campaign' you support we will credit you with reward points. These points can be exchanged for some cool things like gift cards.



We could have probably summed up all of that by saying shareitcamp is a platform that aims to make sharing even more rewarding.