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Can persons donate on

No, does not accept any monetary donations from supporters for the purpose of fundraising. Its purpose is to build a collective network of supporters to build awareness of such an effort, increasing the pool of potential donors.

What kind of campaign can I post?

Post content promoting initiatives that your organization has coming up such as fundraisers, school supply drives, cultural events, scholarship opportunities, or crowdfunding initiatives. Have an innovation or offerings that's more product or service focused? Post that as well.

Who can post campaigns (i.e. be a producer) on shareitcamp?

Shareitcamp is open to any person or organization with products, services, solutions or approaches that meet the needs of the Diaspora. Others should be put in a position to succeed through the success of their offerings.

Will my campaign be displayed exclusively to the supporters that I recruit?

Your campaign will be shown to the total network of supporters on shareitcamp regardless of who recruits them.


What social media platforms will my message appear on?

Supporters can only post your messages to their Facebook via SIC at this time. We plan to expand this soon.

Who is responsible for providing the rewards?

shareitecamp is responsible for providing and fulfilling the rewards. We do encourage groups to donate rewards if they choose (their might be some cool incentives you come across that we aren't aware of). These rewards can be made available to the full network of supporters or only to supporters of your campaign.

How frequently are supporters notified that new campaigns have been posted to

Supporters can choose how often they want to be notified of new campaigns.

How much is this going to cost me?

shareitcamp is free to recognized non-profits, particularly Diaspora organizations who are pioneering innovative approaches that support and strengthen their communities.


What is a campaign?

On shareitcamp a campaign is a promotional message that a person or an organization posts to make others aware of their effort and take action. It could be a flyer for an event, a link to place to donate to a cause, an article, etc.


How will I know when a new campaign is posted?

There are two ways: 1) we will send you an email about new campaigns, and 2) when you like us on Facebook you'll receive updates there as well.

Why only Facebook?

We are planning on expanding beyond Facebook but thought it was a good place to start.

Is there a minimum number of Facebook friends that I need to be a supporter?

Approximately 50 is preferred. This is more to make sure you are human and not a bot.

How do I earn points?

That's the easy part. You receive points when you support (share campaigns) on Facebook.

What can these points be used for?

Your points can be redeemed for 'rewards' such as gift cards. Once you are logged-in, just click on the rewards section to see what rewards are currently being offered.

Am I obligated to support the campaigns that are posted?

Nope. Only support campaigns that you feel strongly about. On our part we will look to recruit organizations that are doing work that fits with our mission and values.

What happens when I click support?

If you are logged in, the producer of the campaign is notified that you someone.

How long do I have to post the content?

On each campaign page you will see a 'reply by date', that is the deadline for hitting the support button. You will then need to post the message to Facebook, by clicking the 'Facebook' icon on the campaign page within the date range of the campaign period.

Why do you ask for my Facebook follower count?

We want to help the organizations understand how many people they are able to reach with their message. We do not share your name or any other identifying information about you.